Good news: The main news, including a great opportunity to buy cheap gold, will make you happy

With the onset of festivals, demand for gold continues to grow. Keeping this belief in mind, the Government is going to start a new scheme, where you get the opportunity to buy gold at a cheap rate. Keeping in mind the festive season, the government is coming out with a gold bond scheme. The specialty of this scheme is that you will also pay interest on the gold purchased by the government. Yes, there will be interest as well as gold. For the Gold Bond Scheme, the Government has decided to advise the Reserve Bank and now it has decided to release the Gold Bond Scheme 2018-19. You will be able to get the benefit of government’s gold scheme between October 15 and October 19. Under this scheme, you will be able to purchase Gold Bonds from 1 Gram to 4 Kg.

Chief Minister Urban Fellowship Plan will soon be started

On the lines of the Prime Minister’s Rural Fellowship Scheme, Delhi’s Kejriwal government is also going to launch a campaign to accelerate development plans through the youth under the leadership of the Urban Leadership Program. Delhi, which started such a program, will be the first non-BJP ruled state. The government wants to work on improving the system through these youths, monitoring the project and accelerating the implementation of them. These young people will meet local people to study their needs, find out ways to complete them. They will be mainly engaged in activities such as traffic, slum development, environmental protection, pollution control, health. They will also do social audit of government schemes.

Country debut low credit card launch
If you are carrying loads of credit and debit cards in your purse or folder then it is good news for you. Now there is a card launch in the country that has two chip in it. One of which will be used for the Chip debit account and the second chip will be used for credit. Both chip will be in the same card. Also the Magne Tic Strip will be two as well. Hence this card has been named Duo Card. This card has been launched by IndusInd Bank.

The designing of this card is based on anagram technology. It means that it works like a debit card when used on one side and on the other hand it is like a credit card. Not only that, this card launched by targeting the youth will give many offers on Entertainment, Travel and Lifestyle. Staying cards in the Duo card will also be sent to the customers only.

Good news for cricket lovers of Mumbai-Kolkata
Good news for cricket fans of Mumbai and Kolkata. On October 29, the one-day match against the West Indies will be held in Mumbai as before, while the first T20 to be played on November 4 will also be played in Kolkata’s Eden Gardens. The Cricket Association of Bengal has agreed to play matches in Kolkata. No official is currently authorized to clear the payment due to the end of the administrations’ term in the Mumbai Cricket Association, due to which the event was held in Mumbai due to fear.