Health insurance in today’s time is mandatory or you can say it is a necessity. The reason which make us to take health insurance is that it saves your money during hospital expenses, as the expenses are to be covered by the health insurance companies for which we pay premiums to the health insurance companies. In India, medical expenses are sky touching so it is very necessary to have medical insurance. Medical insurance is made for individual as well as for the family.

From past 5 years there is tremendous increment in the sector of health insurance as it provides financial security to people. About 27% of people have opted health insurance for their families. And moreover the Indian government has also marked the importance of health insurance through their AYUSHMAN project, in which government is providing health insurance coverage upto 5 lakh rupees to the poor people from urban and rural area. Health insurance in India is one of the growing industries.

In today’s world everyone is busy and no one has time to go visit different branches of health insurance companies. So the best way to go through the terms and conditions of various health insurance companies is online. Here are the benefits of buying health insurance plan:





Types of health insurance is available in India:

  1. Individual health insurance policy: In this policy the entire sum is assured for the individual. This policy provides coverage to the individual for certain illness.

  2. Family health plan: This plan provides health insurance to members of your family under umbrella of single health cover. Family health plan costs expensive than individual health insurance.

  3. Senior citizen health insurance: This health insurance is designed particularly for the old age people who are above 60 years old. The health insurance provides protection from illness caused due to old age factor.

  4. Maternity health insurance: This plan provides insurance financial security from the cost of pre to post natal care, child care and vaccinations of the baby.

  5. Preventive Healthcare: this health insurance take care of you before you fall sick. And indeed it is one of the expensive plan. Preventive care is not proposed for certain complaints, it deals with the prevention and early-detection of diseases.

Key advantages and features of health insurance companies in India:

  1. Health insurance provides you cashless treatment. For this you pay premiums to health insurance provider.

  2. Health insurance scheme completes the fare of pre and post hospitalization expenses.

  3. Ambulance fee is borne by the insurer.

  4. No claim bonus is provided to the insured for if you have not filed any treatment for previous policy cover.

  5. Medical check-up is provided by the good health insurance provider.

  6. The room you have to lent will be in the limit of your health insurance coverage.

While opting a best health insurance company for yourself and your individual you should keep certain things in mind:

  1. Claim Settlement Ratio:

  2. Solvency ratio

  3. Claim Settlement Procedures

  4. Turnaround time for claim settlement

  5. Networks Hospitals

  6. Business Volume

  7. Variety of plans

  8. Insurance intermediaries

Here are the health insurance companies and health insurance provider growing in India:

  1. Apollo health insurance company limited: This is a joint venture between Asia’s integrated healthcare Apollo hospital and Germany based Munich health.

  2. Star health and allied insurance company limited:  It is India’s first stand-alone health insurance company in India dealing in personal accident, mediclaim and travel insurance.

  3. Future generali insurance company limited: It is a joint venture between India’s leading group Future and Italy based Generali group. The company works for imparting excellent services through innovative insurance services and products.

  1. Bajaj allianz insurance company limited: It is a joint venture of Bajaj Finserv Limited and Allianz SE. in this Bajaj holds 76% of shares and rest 24% is hold by allianz.

  2. National insurance company limited: It is under government controlled insurance company which provides insurance of motor, health, finance and fire insurance.

  3. The new India Assurance company limited: It is a nationalized general insurance company operating in 22 nations. It was founded in 1919, and today span across all Indian territories through 2097 offices..

  4. The Reliance General insurance company limited: It is the leading private insurance companies in India holding market share of over 8%. The company is offering insurance products for motor, health, travel and commercial.