Cloud Computing

IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service)

By this, you get to access the Operating Systems because when you get a cloud server by the provider, you choose an operating system on which you get 100 % access on that cloud server. It means you can do anything with the server without managing or monitoring it. All you have to take care of applications, data, runtime, middleware, and operating systems and the rest they will like virtualization, storage, network, and servers.

PAAS (platform as a Service)

In this only you need is a platform to perform although you don’t get the access over the cloud computing server in this but you all you have to do is simply upload your website on it, without any installation or handling any file under of any kind of cloud computing software.

All you need to manage is your data and applications.


SAAS (Software as a Service)

In this, you don't get a server nor user interface but a software. You don't need to manage anything and can use your software as you want to. Only the software you get you to have to pay for that. E.g., Salesforce Company.  

Deployment Models in Cloud Computing.

In these concepts of models tells how to deploy or upload your applications to some other place in the cloud or in what ways you lock and load your apps on the cloud .

1.Public Cloud

2.Hybrid Cloud

3.Private Cloud

  • Public Cloud

  When you start sharing your server by launching it or with a host with different people. By this, your server can be shared with lots of users.In this most of the time, your data is not safe because of sharing your server to many people. But some companies have some rules or policies that data is completely confidential and cannot be hosted to everyone on the public cloud.    
  • Hybrid Cloud

  Hybrid word in itself means a mixture or a mixed bag of many qualities. This kind of Architecture is basically a combination of public and private cloud in short. So if you use any app when you use both public and as well as private cloud both you come up with a Hybrid Cloud in Cloud Computing. In this manner, if you host a website so this can be done in Public Cloud.whereas at the same time you have some confidential data as well that you don't want to bring to light on the internet. Here you get the prerogative of using both the models at the same time. E.g., Idera Company.  
  • Private Cloud

  It is the kinda standalone system they give you your server in private or individually. They only deploy your operating System. And it's completely safe where we firstly care about data privacies. Here you have the privilege to host your servers privately. You buy your cloud and set up accordingly, and you can deploy your applications on it. How to get access to cloud computing or How to get started. If we want to use something firstly, we buy it from the market. Alike for utilizing Cloud Computing, you have to choose the right Cloud provider at the very start. And it's quite challenging to choose a good cloud service provider because in the market you will find hundreds of cloud server provider out there. I want to mention out some of the best cloud server providers below who provide Cloud computing. E.g. , Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Digital Ocean, Microsoft Azure, VMware, IBM Cloud, so these are some of the top cloud service providers. And many more other good cloud providers are to to be mentioned in the massive list of cloud service providers in Cloud Computing..

Here I would like to guide you to some needed steps that will tell you to use how to use a cloud server for using Cloud Computing.

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Search for you desirable cloud service providers like some of them i mentioned above you can choose any one of them too.
  • If you have to use their cloud services you have to be there by creating an account so firstly “Create An Account” on that cloud provider website.
  • Once you have created an account, you are ready to use their services.
  • Then go to IAAS option to launch a server and get started.
  • Click on “Launch an Instance”
  • Choose the desirable operating System that you want to use.
  • Click on configure instance details.
  • Review all the settings done.
  • Then launch.
  • Click on key pair this will authenticate your server.
  • There are two types of keys.
  • 1.Public key or
  • 2.Private key
  • They will provide you the key that matches according to your server.
  • Name it. The download it
  • Your servers have been launched now and ready to use.
  Those who are practicing you can also go for Free Tour in spite of this you can launch a server for more than six months, and some providers extend it to a year with limited services. So these are some useful information provided related to cloud computing. Hope you find this article worth reading ,knowledgeable and interesting.