Mallya, Britain had warned Indian agencies to send big money in Swiss bank

The British administration has freezed Vijay Mallya’s London property, but the news is that Mallya had already succeeded in transferring a huge amount to Swiss Bank. Indian agencies were also alerted about this by UK.
UK mercenary Vijay Mallya succeeded in transferring a huge amount of about 1.78 crore pounds (about 170 crores) in a Swiss bank in 2017, with thousands of Indian loan loans worth thousands of crores. On his attempt, the UK government had shown a red flag, although it could not be stopped by the Indian banks due to procedural delays in action.

Recently it was reported that in the year 2015, the CBI had changed the lookout notice against Vijay Mallya and instead of taking him into custody at the airports, he was asked to provide information about his visit only. Vijay Mallya had escaped from the country a few days later.

Could not be stopped even after getting info

According to the Indian Express, in June 2017, the British administration in London had given a red flag to Mallya’s attempt to transfer 1.78 million pounds (about 170 crores). According to sources, the UK Financial Intelligence Unit (UKFIU) gave information to Indian investigative agencies in the year 2017.

According to sources, after this, the Indian agencies have seen the activation, but the Indian bank was seeking more time to take procedural action in this matter, due to which the transfer could not be stopped. However, this helped Mallya freeze the uprooted property in the UK, because after this the Kashmiri officials of the Indian banks had jointly requested the UK government to freeze the property located in Mallya’s UK.


UKFIU put Mallya’s bank transfer on suspicious activity list and gave it to CBI and ED in New Delhi. Mallya’s transfer could not be stopped due to the time taken by Indian banks, but a global order (WFO) was released in November 2017 to freeze its property located in the UK. In this way, Mallya’s control over the property located in Britain ended.

It was found in the UK court that in February 2016, Mallya had deposited $ 40 million (about Rs 290 million) from Diageo in the bank account of the trust, whose beneficiary was her child.