The medical colleges in U.S includes many academic institutions who provide the degree of medicine (MD) or the Doctor of the Osteopathic Medicine (DO). Either of these two degrees is required if you wanted to become a surgeon or physician in the United States. Medical colleges who provide the degree of MD are accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education while degree of DO is accredited by  American Osteopathic Association Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation. There are currently about 141 MD granting institutions and 34 accredited DO granting institutions are present in the United States.


Over 40,000 students apply for the just 20,000 posts available in the medical colleges in USA. for getting degree in medicine in United States you must be under-graduate. So students must have

Getting admissions in medical colleges of USA will indeed take you in the world of future doctors and bachelor before applying for medical colleges in United States. Getting admission in medical colleges in US will surely take you towards your dreams where you will be living your dream and turning out as a successful doctor.


Here is the names of some best medical colleges in United States.

  1. HOWARD UNIVERSITY: It was established in 1867, provides degree in MD.
  2. JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY: Situated in Baltimore and was established in year 1887. It provides the degree of MD.
  3. NEW YORK UNIVERSITY OF MEDICINE: It was situated in Manhattan in year 1841.
  4. STANFORD UNIVERSITY: It was established in year 1908. This college also provide the degree of Medicine (MD).
  5. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA – SAN FRANCISCO. It was established in 2015 and the college provides degree of MD.
  6. MAYO CLINIC SCHOOL OF MEDICINE: Situated in Rochester. It was established in year 1972. The college provides the degree of MD.
  7. PENNSYLVANIA UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF MEDICINE: It was situated in Hershey in year 1963.
  8. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA – LOS ANGELES. It was established in year 1966 and it provides degree of MD.
  9. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON SCHOOL OF MEDICINE: The college is situated in Seattle and was established in the year 1946.
  10. OHIO UNIVERSITY HERITAGE COLLEGE OF OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE: It is situated in Athens, Dublin. It was established in year 1975. The college provides degree in osteopathic medicine.
  11. UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA SCHOOL OF MEDICINE: It was established in 1859 and provides degree of MD.


Here is the characteristic of medical colleges in US.

  1. Learn to take care of your patient: medical colleges in US will teach you how to cooperate with your patient. Medical colleges in USA do not want only excellence in your studies but also want to know your concern, your attitude towards your patient. It includes how did you behave and communicate with your patient.
  2. They will teach you to think critical and fast: like any other school, medical colleges in US will focus to teach you through problem based methods. Through this you will be knowing that how professional doctors investigate the  disease of their patients and through this way you will keep learning the idea of investigation and diagnosis of the patient.


  1. Access state-of-the-art research resources and incentives: the main feature of medical college in United State is RESEARCH. The American Institute of Higher Education raises huge amount for the purpose of research. Being student of medical college in USA you will be getting this wonderful chance of getting benefit from greatest research on Medical and in the world of medicines.


It takes about 11 to 14 years in USA for becoming a doctor in which you have to apply for medical college in USA after completing your bachelor.